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Reform and Governance program

Muwatin has been working on issues of governance since the late nineties and has developed some expertise in the area of legislative reforms.

There is little doubt generally among Palestinians that the reform of the Palestinian political order is the only way that can break the internal deadlock that characterizes political and governing structures, and that can begin to generate an adequate response and strategy to the tightening stranglehold of Israeli occupation.  This year Muwatin will build on the work achieved in previous years that included reform of the electoral system, national and municipal, as well as the work of the Electoral Commission, the draft Social Security Bill, Policy reforms for Gender Equity and the Peaceful Rotation of Power. Policy papers on reform of the Security forces, and amendment to the basic Law regarding the holding of national referenda were also achieved.

The issues facing democratization in Palestine get more complex as the legitimacy of the ruling regimes drain away.  The aim of the program is to expand citizenship rights and participation, produce institutional differentiation within the political system that can rationalize its functioning, and ensure transparency and accountability within it. In this period Muwatin will examine issues that have a direct impact on people’s lives and the extent of their democratic participation.

Within a wider regional focus the overlap of different judicial logics can pose a real challenge to the political transitions over which there is such intense and widespread struggle.  In the countries where a revolution has taken place the struggle will very much take the form of constitutional and legislative struggle.  A comparative study of constitutional transformations and their implications for the consolidation of a ‘civilian’ state could be very important. 


Reform program 2014

Reform Program 2013

Parliamentary Horizons newsletter

 Parliamentary Horizons newsletter has normally covered the work of the Palestinian Legislative Council and is now in the tenth year of its issue.  It has offered an in-depth critical look at the laws under debate in the PLC, as well as the issues and constraints that have affected the Council’s work. It has thus filled in a gap that regular new media coverage of the work of the PLC did not.  The newsletter also regularly examines wider issues such as the question of periodic elections, the need for transparency and accountability, and the reasons for the lack of effective impact of the PLC in public life.

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