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Seminar and Conference program

Each year Muwatin organizes a series of seminars and public forums to initiate discussion about issues of major public importance (10-12 per year).

The Public Forum series intends to introduce a process of accountability within the Palestinian public sphere through initiating open public debate as a form of intervention to encourage the formation of a body of public opinion that can impact policy choices at the decision making levels.   

Internal seminars held at Muwatin within the Research program and the reform and governance program. The seminars examine various issues that can facilitate or hinder democratization processes, developments in the political process in Palestine and Israel, as well as address the need to explore different possible strategies in the struggle for democratization.  The seminars explore ways to develop common platforms and policy orientations, with other organizations, in order to address specific issues engendered by developments within Palestinian civil society.

Research seminars to present ongoing or completed research projects will also be held.  These seminars provide a way to evaluate and provide critical feedback for the different research projects.

Televised Symposia presents topical political issues concerning the reform agenda through the local television stations in an attempt to reach a wider Palestinian public and thus break the spatial fragmentation and isolation imposed on Palestinian communities.

A. Seminars

B. Annual conference

The annual conference is an integral part of the Muwatin program. The Annual conference addresses. This would involve a deeper and more systematic look at the dynamics, social formations and traditions that constrain and shape political culture.


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