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Networking program

Muwatin will work to expand its networking activities in the coming year.  The aim is to promote the visibility of Muwatin within regional networks and in international fora. The networking will also aim to further institutional links with like-minded regional institutes with the view of developing joint projects and activities linked to the common challenge of democratization in the region, and to develop institutional capacities at Muwatin.


Networking 2014:

1: In March 2014 Samia Botmeh, member of the Muwatin Board of Trustees represented Muwatin at the New Directions in Palestinian Studies Workshop convened by Professor Beshara Doumani of the Watson Institute for International Affairs, Brown University. Muwatin is part of the network of Palestinian centres of research that support this initiative.

2: In August May Jayyusi participated in the Muwatin organized double panel on the Gendering Faith project that was held at the fourth World Congress for Middle East Studies in August 2014 at Ankara, Turkey.

3: In September George Giacaman participated in workshop held in Amman by al-Quds Centre for Political Studies around the aftermath of the third Israeli war against Gaza.  The workshop, which was held on the 1st of September, explored the impact of the war on political developments in both Palestine and Jordan.

4 Hada el-Aryan participated in the workshop on Social Protection organized by the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in collaboration with the ILO and ICSW. The pan –Arab workshop “Basic Social Floor – Putting an idea into practice” was held in Rabat Morocco on November 11-13.  The workshop aimed to present a comparative perspective on the state of social security in the different Arab countries, the problems and to what extent different countries had adopted such provisions. A secondary aim of the workshop was to facilitate south-south networking and learning from each other.








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