Palestinian Histories

The “Palestinian Histories” series, which is the sixth of Muwatin’s publication series, aims at introducing the reader to specific and various aspects of the Palestinian experience, particularly that of the Diaspora. Narrative accounts of this experience gain great importance, especially if it surpasses plain research to draw a vital portrayal of the Palestinian reality in its lived dimensions. These narratives cover at least selected aspects of it, whether it is the experience of resistance in Jordan; the life experience in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria or in Lebanon’s refugee camps; the Civil War and the “Camps War” in Lebanon; or the establishment of the PLO in the midst of the Arab conflicts and the several attempts to usurp the autonomy of Palestinian decision-making. 
The vast majority of the populace in Palestine, including the Palestinians of 1948, are not familiar with the experiences of the Diaspora in its various political, social or psychological dimensions, while at the same time, the Palestinians of the Diaspora did not experience the life of Palestinians under Israeli occupation or within 1948. 

Bridging this experiential gap between the various sectors of the Palestinian populace in all its locations is one of the basic goals of this series.


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